Garage door opener is a heavy duty hardware that is used on a daily basis. Even though they are supposed to run hassle free for years, they do need a little repair sometimes due to unavoidable damages. In case of damage, don’t get it replaced in a panic. Instead, you can try some basic garage door repair techniques that are safe for a layman.

Just grab some common household tools to start repairing your garage door repair. However, bear in mind that it is full of risk to try any kind of difficult repair job that should be left to the professionals. If the task seems too difficult, call in a trusted garage door repair service in Seattle immediately. You should be very careful when trying even simple garage door repairs on your own.

Start by knowing your Garage Door

Before you attempt any of these DIY fixes, keep these precautions in mind.

  • Before rushing off to start repairing your garage door opener, check whether it actually has a problem or not. With the door closed, pull the emergency release cord to see whether it functions smoothly. In case it doesn’t the problem lays somewhere else and not the opener.
  • Always work with the door down and unplug the opener. This saves you from unpleasant mishaps or accidents.
  • Last but not the least, read the instruction manual carefully to know the assembly and anatomy of the device.

5 Quick Steps for Garage Door Repair

  1. After you have unplugged your device, wait for 15 minutes so that the motor cools off. Then test the sensor beam to ensure that it is properly aligned in accordance with the specifications of the manual. Check for blockages, if any. In case you come around something that might be blocking the sensors, clean it and adjust the sensor appropriately.
  2. Look for loose connections. It is possible that the opener’s remote is working properly but the button is not. If that’s what has happened, change the worn out plugs or replace the damaged wires. If necessary, seek professional help. You may want to check the batteries in your remote to ensure that they are fully charged.
  3. Antennas play an important role in the functioning of automatic garage doors. Ensure that it is properly placed and attached. If there is no trouble with either of the devices, check for wear and tear in gears and sprockets too. Doing this requires professional help. So, call professionals in Seattle to help you.
  4. There is a possibility that the garage door opener has stopped working due to discrepancy in frequency settings. To correct it, refer to the instructions manual and reset the frequency.
  5. Functionality issues may arise from obstruction, which may hinder the working of the opener. You can deal with it by increasing the tension of the central spring by adjusting the screws. To activate the automatic switches, adjust the two clips on each opener chain.