Garage doors are mechanical devices that usually don’t need much attention, but require timely servicing for sustaining efficiency of use. While homeowners are expected to get their garage doors inspected once a year, a recent study in Seattle shows that most people don’t. A staggering majority of people are quite negligent when it comes to repairing or maintaining their garage doors.

As a homeowner, it is crucial to ensure that the garage door is maintained properly. Follow these simple tips for garage door repairs and maintenance in Seattle that you may try yourself. However, it is important that you get professionals to maintain it.

Basic Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Weather changes and harsh climates are some of the main reasons for garage doors maintenance in Seattle. However, regular maintenance is needed anyway to avoid usual wear and tear. On your own, you can do these simple checks-

  • Check the garage door thoroughly for dents or other damages. You can use a rubber hammer to pound out blotches. In case, you notice some major damage, get the tracks replaced altogether.
  • Leveling and the alignment of the garage doors tracks is another important thing that should be checked. If the tracks are not aligned properly, loosen the mounting bracket and tap the tracks so that they plumb with each other, while slightly slanting towards your garage’s back.
  • Ensure that the rollers, tracks and the pulleys of your garage doors are lubricated properly. This could save you from spending on frequent maintenance or repair jobs. Nowadays, a wide range of lubricant sprays and powdered graphite are available in the market that can be used with ease for this task.
  • Between months, don’t forget to check the nuts, bolts and fasteners. Keep them lubricated and tighten anything loose.
  • Keep the tracks clean. Use a large paintbrush to remove dirt and dust followed by a deeper cleaning, using a household cleaner.

Professional Garage Door Repair

While you can do the basic maintenance tasks on your own, it is recommended you get in touch with a garage door repair company in Seattle for any moderate to major fault. Professionals will ensure that your garage door is repaired without a fuss. It will also help you avoid any expensive costs on garage door maintenance.

Those who have installed automatic garage doors in Seattle and face troubles in their safety reversal features should call a repairman straightaway. Do not attempt to fix it yourself, as it may cause damage to you, your family and your car. Unsafe DIY operations can cause physical injury. Why risk it?.

If the central spring of your garage door is not functioning properly, never attempt to repair it yourself. Since these springs are in high tension, removing or repairing them can severely injure you.