Electric garage door openers were invented by C.G. Johnson in the year 1926. These devices are interesting in the fact that they use the same mechanism as bomb detonators. The door opener has a counter-balance spring for determining the size of the opening door. If you doing garage door installation, it will be worthwhile to install electric garage door openers. They have a myriad of benefits if installed. Some of the advantages are discussed below:

Advantages of installing electric garage door opener

  • Increased SecurityIf insecurity is a major problem in your area, there is a solution. Electric garage door openers can really give burglars quite a hard time. Today’s model has codes which ensure that no other person can open apart from you. The electric openers have lighting which brighten up either when being opened or closed. This can in a great way help to send signals if somebody is entering or leaving.Some electric door openers have automatic closing system. They allow the doors to close automatically whenever you have left. This is an important mechanism to help people who are forgetful in closing doors behind them.

    Electrical garage doors provide increased safety to a house since closing and opening does not need much manual effort. Therefore, less noise which can alert burglars emanates from the door.

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  • They have vacation mode functionElectric garage door openers possess a function called vacation mode. This function helps to disable remote control and also some of the functions of the system. The only way the door can be opened is through the control panel. When you are a way, this function can help you disable the remote control system so that no one can try to crack it.
  • Economical and environmentally safeSome people fear that using electric door openers affects the environment, but this is away from the truth. Electricity used is safe to the environment and no pollution can occur at all. The energy used is also not a lot as people tend to think. Energy is only used for around 15 seconds when closing or opening. When not in use, there is no energy used.
  • Can increase a property valueIf you are thinking of reselling your home, electrical garage installation can really improve and add the value of your homestead. This means that you will have to resale at a higher price than if it was not installed.
  • It is convenienceWith this kind of a garage door opener, you do not need to use a lot of energy to open and close the door during harsh weathers like winter or when there is snow. You also don’t need to move outside your car to go and open or close the garage. Movements to and fro the garage can be minimized since with electric garage doors, it is possible to make an automatic system.
  • Easy to repairWith the advanced technology, garage door repair is becoming possible and easy to handle. When the professionals do their garage door inspection, they do not struggle a lot as everything can be tested using special tools.

Electrical garage door repair is quite important if installed to your home. It can save you a lot of your time when operating your residential garage door. Whenever breakage has occurred, it is easy to garage door repair.