If you are considering buying a wooden garage door, you are no doubt looking for one that is appealing to look at and smooth on the wallet. Wood has the advantage of coming in many types and styles, making it quite easy to match your budget and your homes exterior. Before you make the plunge though and put down money, read through this handy list of things to consider before making the decision when buying wooden garage door.

Decide on your budget

Your budget will determine just what you can accomplish. Spending time figuring out what kind of window trim to get on the door won’t matter much if the door is already out of your price range. So beginning, if the price is of the utmost interest you might require considering buying a steel door for it is lower cost. However if you do have a little bit of a budget to play with and are concerned about appearance go with wood.

Select The Wood

The most common type of wood used for doors is oak, pine, and maple. Of course, you can get it in other varieties as well but with it comes to a higher cost. Consult your local lumber yard or dealer to determine what kind of wood is available for your new door purchase. You should also consider what is best for the weather and climate zone you are in, as well as natural pests that may try to invade and eat the wood.

Determine Color and Customization

The numerous point about wood is that it can be colored and cut to your exact specifications. Want the window trim to be rounded instead of square? No problem. Need it to match the brick exterior of your home? Not advisable, but sure you can do it. There are many choices and options, so much so that you might even feel overwhelmed. To help you out, simply go to the yellow pages or Google and search for “Garage Doors Las Vegas” or whatever city you are in. Look for those that do garage door installation and give them a call and talk about what options they can do. Many companies will even take a picture of your home and superimpose the door you are considering over it, letting you see exactly what it will look like.


Are you in an area that is especially prone to cold winters or hot summers? If so, the natural insulation of the door may not be enough to keep your garage temperature controlled. If this is the case, you may want to consider having your door installed with extra insulation as well. This can lead to the big payoff in a reduced energy bill.

Wooden garage doors add appeal to vacation homes, but these are also an excellent option for homeowners who like a classic look and want to make a declaration. While they can be expensive, if you look carefully, you will be able to find a timber door to grace your garage.

Of course, the biggest thing to consider with all of this is how you like it. You will be living with the decision for some years, the average garage door lasts 30 years, so make sure you are comfortable with letting anyone do any work on your garage. So, do garage door repair and maintenance regularly.