Are you stuck with a garage door that has stuck no matter what you do? Would you like to fix it as soon as possible? If yes then you are not alone. Ideally, you can fix garage door issues alone especially if they are minor. But with more than 99% of issues you will need a professional to help you fix it. Here are the 4 common garage door issues and how to resolve them.

  1. Garage door that does not open or close; if the garage door refuses to pen or close chances are that the opener that you are using is electrical. You should check the key pad and see if you can program it. Besides, you should take a look at the manual that was given if you are looking for a temporary solution you can switch your garage door to manual operation to make it functional. Remember there is always red code that is around the opener that once you disconnect the door will revert to manual.
  1. Garage door gets stuck every time; if your garage door is fond of getting stuck from time to time, it is either that the bolts and nuts are loose or they have been damaged. If the door is stuck you can undo the damage by striking the door with a hammer. You should always try tightening the screws and the nuts. Ensure that you are wearing a helmet while doing this. If the problem persists call an expert. This is among the most serious garage door issues.
  1. Garage door gets stuck in the middle; if the door refuses to move in the middle of operation it is very much likely that the movable parts lack a lubricant. Apply a lubricant on the rollers and the hinges. You should use a spray lubricant if possible even though coconut oil is also a very good lubricant. If you do not want such problems to keep on occurring you should service the door regularly.
  1. Garage door making a lot of noise while opening or closing; if there is loud screeching, grinding or squeaking when opening the door this may mean that there is a problem with the debris or lack of lubrication. You should clean the entire track where the wheels are moving without harsh cleaners to remove the dirt and any other obstacle that could be on the way after cleaning use oil specifically designed for garage doors to lubricate it. Thereafter, move the door up and down for few times to ensure that the problem is completely solved.
  1. Garage door falls quickly when lowering it; since a falling garage door may pose a great risk you should be careful when handling it. This problems is normally caused by loose springs or broken cables. After closing the door carefully inspect all the parts to identify where the problem is. You should not replace the springs or the cables instead call an expert to help you do this. This is because there are several hazards associated with replacing garage door springs.


In sum, this is how to handle garage door issues and tips to resolve them.  Contact Seattle Garage Door Experts  for more information.