Garages are a crucial addition in every home, and a garage door is perhaps one of the largest and most moved doors on a property. Because of its importance and usage, garage doors in Seattle, or any other place for that matter, must be maintained well to ensure their optimal performance and increase their lifespan. We at Seattle Garage Door Experts have organized a list on how to maintain the garage door. Check it out.

Maintaining Your Garage Door for Optimal Performance and Increased Lifespan

  1. DASMA, which stands for Door and Access System Manufacturers’ Association, recommends that the garage doors must be inspected at least once a year by a professional. An ill-maintained or damaged garage door can be dangerous for your family, kids, cars or home projects. So, get it tested every year.
  2. Consult the owner’s manual for recommended maintenance of the garage door model that you are using. We at Seattle Garage Door Experts suggest that you should do a few monthly checks, such as a check for the door’s reversal mechanism and manual operation of lifting irrespective of which door model you own.
  3. To test the reverse feature of your garage door, start by noticing the balance of the door. If it seems to be properly balanced, proceed and place a thick piece of wood on the center. Now, press the remote for automatic closure. A garage door working well will reverse its motion as soon as it detects the object. If it doesn’t, call a professional for help.
  4. To maintain the garage door, always keep it regularly lubricated. Moving parts should be lubricated every few weeks. But make sure that you don’t lubricate plastic idler bearings. You can contact professionals to guide you through this simple maintenance procedure.
  5. Visual inspection is an important part of garage door repair and maintenance. Look at the door springs, pulleys, door hardware, cables and rollers to note for any signs of wear and tear.