Garage doors are essential in a home mainly because they offer alternative access to your house. Then it goes without saying that garage door security is an important factor that every home owner must out into consideration. Most home burglaries or vandalism occur by criminals breaking into the house through the garage. This means that such incidents can be heavily reduced by taking into account some few steps to ensure that the garage door of your house is secure and burglar proof. This blog will list some of the ways for garage owners to assure for garage door security.

Fortify the garage door – Make the service door to your garage a fortress by installing metallic lock reinforces around it. This reinforcer will prevent your garage door from splitting making it hard for burglars to force their way in.

Install security cameras and motion detectors above the garage door – Fitting a good security system around the door will discourage burglars and vandals from breaking the garage door. This will assure for your garage door security.

Avoid leaving your garage door opener remote in your car – Chances are that if a thief breaks into your car then they will have easy access of your garage door and ultimately a way into the house.

Avoid leaving the garage door open – This is an obvious one. Always ensure that your garage door is kept shut when not being used. To avoid forgetting you can install a timer that will automatically lock the garage door after a specific amount of set time.

Secure the emergency release on the garage door – This will assure for garage door security meaning only authorized persons can access the emergency release of your garage door and not thieves or vandals.

Putting up a wide peep hole on the door between the garage and the main house – This way you can keep an eye on your garage door in case you happen to detect strange movements outside or inside the garage.

Lock or disable the overhead latch of your garage door – This is handy when you go away for long periods maybe on vacation and the house will be unoccupied. Putting a padlock on the overhead latch will secure the garage door. You can also disable it if you do not have a padlock, use something like a strong bolt to disable it. This is a means to assure for your garage door security in your absence.

Invest in garage door brands that are reliable – It’s important to buy strong and sturdy garage door that won’t be easily broken. This means you buy garage door brands that have been proven to be reliable and durable. At Seattle Garage Door Experts we have just the right kind of garage door to fit your needs.

Regular maintenance and repair of the garage door – In case the garage door springs need to be replaced or repaired it is important to do this as soon as possible to prevent your garage door from being vulnerable to a break in.

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