There is more than one way of choosing the best garage door for your home. In fact, it is important to take into serious consideration different key factors in order to be able to find the best garage door type for your home. Being a home/property owner, in case you are making plans to either rebuild or better yet re-purpose your garage area then familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons of different garage door lift types is something which you should take some time to seriously think about.

To help you familiarize yourself quickly with the ins and outs or different garage door lift types below is an overview to help you make up your mind.

a) Canopy Up And Over Garage Door

It is one of the most common garage door lift type. It is characteristic of an outward protruding design from its frame which usually forms a canopy like structure when it is opened. The best thing about them is the fact that they are designed to also open in a variety of ways all of which involve the use of torsion springs and steel cables which serve as the source of support when the door is operational. In addition to the above, these door lift types are very easy to install plus they can easily be used with most common kinds of door openers.

One of the disadvantages of this door lift is the fact that it requires a lot of space. You cannot be able to use it for an opening that is not more than 8 feet wide

b) Retractable Up And Over Garage Door

They are gradually becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly attributed to the fact their design makes them very easy to be converted to a remote controlled model. What’s more, they do not depend on cables in order to lift the garage door instead they depend on steel rollers which are fitted across the ceiling of the garage door lift from the inside.

The only disadvantage of using them is the fact that their width is limited by the way in which the mechanism works.

c) Retractable Plus Garage Door

The best thing about them is the fact that they can easily be converted to suit wider cars and even fit the wing mirrors of slightly wider cars. It is for this reason that they are considered to be most ideal for double garages since they serve as a guarantee for more flexibility.

d) Sectional Garage Doors

They are increasingly becoming popular mainly because of the convenience they provide most people for different purposes. One of the best thing about them is the fact that they are designed to fold up in sections consequently allowing for saving of space as well as machinery.

e) Roller Shutter Garage Door

Just like sectional door lift types, they are designed to fold themselves as they open at the same rolling up instead of concentrating in sections. Another good thing about them is the fact that they are generally very economical plus they serve as a guarantee to save on space. Simply put, they serve as great option for any home owner who is interested in saving on space, time and most importantly money.
There have been reports that they have a tendency of going wrong at times.

f) Round The Corner Garage Door

Instead of folding they are characteristic of a design which makes them fold around the corner of the garage door opening hence run along the garage walls. Their only disadvantage is the fact that they generally take up a lot of space within the garage area. Also Seattle garage door experts provides the best garage door repair service.