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A garage door affects many crucial factors of a home including safety, protection and energy efficiency. It is advisable to upgrade your doors periodically to attain all these factors. A new garage door installation is the best alternative to assure the security of your home and its belongings. There are several types of doors including overhead garage doors, swing-out doors and roll-up doors and so on. People also have choices in color, style and design.

Best Way to Enhance the Curb Appeal

Garage doors are the best alternative that significantly improves the curb appeal of your home. Doors tend to get damaged with storm and adverse climatic conditions. However, the life expectancy of a door is of 30 years that too if you provide them periodic garage door repair and maintenance. New door will not only improve the exterior appearance of the place but also boost the safety and energy efficiency of the premises.


People always lock their garages and homes before leaving home. They think locked doors will keep their home and belongings safe. But have you ever thought old and broken doors often makes way for intruders to enter your home causing monetary and property looses. If the door doesn’t shut down properly or the opener resists its working, change the door or the opener immediately. Malfunctioned openers can allow anyone to enter your home to harm your property. It is strongly recommended to schedule periodic maintenance with skilled technicians to catch every possible sign of damage earlier.


Worn-out doors often give direct invitation to the pets and insects to walk inside and damage your things lying inside. Garages attached to the home or near to home must be precise and sturdy. Any gap or rotted area of the door can provide livable space to the vermin and other dangerous insects. Rodents consider garages as best place to settle them being dry and warm. A new door can significantly enhance the security of your home and family members. New doors are sturdier and seal all the gaps properly. It is the ultimate curb-appeal-enhance to keep your home protected reliably for many years.

Energy Efficiency

Apart from providing elegant looks to your exteriors, doors also make your place energy efficient. Insulated doors keep your place warm in winter and cool in summer. Insulated doors maintain the temperature inside not letting the stuffs get harmed by adverse climatic conditions. It also saves a lot of money as you don’t have to install blowers or coolers to keep the place warm or cold. A well insulated and properly fitted door can eliminate all the problems faced in different weather conditions.

Seattle Garage Door Experts provide a comprehensive range of branded doors both insulated and non-insulated. You can also avail the garage door repair and installation services at affordable rates. Our ultimate aim is to render high-end quality services to the clients across Seattle.