Since 1990, Seattle Garage Doors has been providing highly specialized services in garage door installation, garage door repair and maintenance, garage door parts, and customer advice relating to available garage stores and their spare parts. So, if you are having table deciding: which is the best garage store? Where to get it and at what price? Who will install it safely to ensure no harm to members of your family and your car? Where to get specialists to repair and maintain it? Then look no further, Seattle Garage Doors Expert is the solution to your worries. When it comes to garage door installation and maintenance, Seattle Garage Doors Expert has and will always be the better option with variety of garage doors that not only help secure your car but also give your garage style and beauty beyond your imagination.

Installation of garage doors: -

Garage door being very complex things with many components like the body itself, tracks, springs, motor and other moving parts, it is very heavy and poses fatal dangers to users and the car itself if poorly installed. To avoid such risks and losses it is advisable to acquire services of an expert whenever installing or maintaining garage door. At Seattle Garage Doors Expert we not only install garage door but also Laius with clients to ensure smoother operation and timely maintenance whenever there is call for action.

Residential garage door maintenance: –

Doe to daily usage of garage door, there is wear and tear of moving components which reduces the expected operation of your door. It is advised to carry out regular maintenance to ensure the door operates properly saving you time and energy associated with having to force it open or close. At Seattle Garage Doors Expert we offer two type of maintenance follows:

Preventive maintenance (scheduled maintenance): -

Preventive maintenance is any service offers to your door during its normal operations such as cleaning, greasing, checking on alignment, motors operation, condition of guiding rails and spring setting. This is done through conducting regular systematic inspections, detection, and correction of any identified malfunctions before developing into major malfunctions. To fit into our clients programs, Seattle Garage Doors Expert have various preventive maintenance programs to choose from, this include; quarterly programs, semi-annual, annual as well as custom made programs.

Benefits of preventive maintenance include;

  1. minimizes logistical problems.
  2. Ensure optimal operation of garage door.
  3. Increases lifespan of the garage door.
  4. Reduces cost of Emergency repairs.
  5. Ensure minimal disruptions in work flow in case of commercial or industrial premise.

We cover the following areas during regular maintenance; 

  • Inspection of bottom bars, tracks, rollers, cables, and alignments.
  • Checking garage door operators and door controls.
  • Lubricating rollers, chain hoists hinges, shaft, bearings etc.
  • Making adjustments to brakes, clutch, and limit assemblies.
  • Tightening of screws, hinges, drums, track brackets, as well as couplings.

Corrective maintenance: - This is maintenance task carried out when there is a breakdown of the garage door. The primary objective is to identify, isolate, and rectify any fault which is causing operation failure. Corrective maintenance is a relatively expensive compared to preventive maintenance due to time take as well possible interruption of normal daily operations in case of commercial premises.

Other services offered include: -

  • Automatic door opener installations
  • Commercial maintenance contract
  • Broken torsion springs
  • Retrofitting installation in historical structures
  • Additional services offered include:
  • Broken cable repair
  • Overhead door installation
  • Extension spring replacement
  • Roller and hinge replacement

By choosing Seattle Garage Doors Expert, you are assured of high quality, prompt and reliable services 24/7, immediate quick-response even in the middle of the night. Safety, quality and reliability are our key priority. For your emergency and non-emergency garage door repair –call Seattle Garage Doors Expert. Service beyond imagination.