If your garage door was opening and closing without a hitch but went out of order after changing the spring, there is something amiss with the new spring – it is not for that door. You know that garage doors come in various measurements (weight and height), right, so not just any kind of spring will work.  A low torsion spring will drag a garage door, and a high torsion spring will thump a garage door, perhaps even dangerously. For that matter, it is imperative to take caution when dealing with family garage doors, because you don’t want any mishap involving a garage door at home – they are dangerous!

What Determines The Torsion Of A Spring?

A garage door opener does not lift a door but a spring does. If you had a good opener and faulty spring, your garage door won’t open. It’s good to understand how to choose a garage door spring. While you may choose to buy the same spring that is already in your garage door, you have an option to choose a different one. But make sure that you’ve involved a professional for that. There are 4 mother factors that determine the torsion of a spring; they form part of the formulas for making both residential garage door springs and high torsion springs:

Length of spring

Wire size

Inside diameter

Wind of spring

The variety of torsion springs one can build is limitless, and with the numerous kinds of garage doors, you can see that it’s quite impossible to tell you which one is right. However, the simple mathematics and common sense will lead you to the right one. Physics has it that the inner diameter of a spring has impact on torsion. The greater the diameter, the greater the torsion and vice versa.

A garage spring with a thicker wire has more tension than a thinner wire spring. You will need to choose the size that conforms to the type of your garage door. The size and weight of your garage door also influence the length of spring you need. Heavier and taller doors will require a longer springs for higher and stronger lift.

How to Choose a Garage Door Spring

Garage door springs die just above the 10,000th time of stretching, that’s about after 1,700 days if you open the door 4 times in a day. Many people choose a garage door spring depending on its longevity and there are things to consider. The quality of steel in torsion springs could really affect its longevity. There have been queries about imported steel from china, which then incites you to inspect further before ordering. Select a spring made out of high grade and proven raw materials, the best way to achieve that is through a recognized manufacturer.

About 30 variations in color coats for springs exist. Different color coats mean different torsions, for instance #10 for white and #100 for tan. The trick is know the weight of your garage door. So next time you want to replace that spring, make sure you have your facts right and make a good choice. Also Seattle Garage Door Experts provides the best garage door service

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