Garage door installation is basically a technician’s job but by having knowledge of its parts and materials, simpler tasks can be accomplished at home. If garage door is approximately 12 years old or more replacement should always be considered. Newer models are easy to operate. Many garage door technicians provide best services for garage door  repair and installation.

Here are 5 steps to be taken while installing garage door.

Release the Spring Tension: Before you start working, you are supposed to release the tension in the torsion spring. Join the adjustable locking pliers to the torsion spring. After installing steel rod into one out of four holes in the spring winding cone, hold firmly to the rod and loosen the set screws holding the winding cone in place.

Detach Existing Opener and Door: Detach the existing garage door opener from the door. Start removing the door panels, begin with top panel and remove the hinges joined underneath the panel. Detach the track by unscrewing it from the door frame.

Installation of door panels: If you are installing a new two-car door, place a strengthening bar on the top panel to avoid any bend in the center. After assuring bar is centered on the panel, drill pilot holes and tight the bars with screw.

After attaching hinges to the top of each panel join axle supports to the bottom of the last panel and to the top of the top panel. Then place the bottom panel into the door opening. Hold the panel upright by driving a nail into the wall next to the panel and bending it over to hold the panel in place. Repeat the process till all the panels are in place.

Hinges are to be Secured: Top half of the hinge to the panel above is to be secured. Then place the wheeled axis into the side hinges. Now install the track by joining brackets to the vertical track pieces. Assure that brackets are placed in the right place. Before attaching the bottom bracket to the wall, join the door cable to the hook on the bottom panel axle support.

Spring assembly to be attached to the track: To support the spring assembly gather the pieces to attach to the track by taking the help of instruction menu to avoid any mistake.

Bolt the tracks together: After attaching horizontal track to vertical track don’t tighten the bolts firmly until the door fits properly. To line up with vertical track, drill a hole through horizontal track. Bolt the tracks together.

Spring installation: After locating the center of the opening and by marking it on the door header, attach the support for the spring there. Before attaching spring locking cone, attach the spring anchors. Locking cone should be very tight to prevent it from getting loose under high tension.

Installation of the torsion rod and pulleys: After assuring security of the rod, attach pulleys to each end of the rod. After assuring the center header bracket center of assembly is need to be lifted up for marking level.

Attach the cable: Attach the cable to the pulley wheel on both the sides. To pull the slack tight over the pulley and turn the wheel. Slide the wheel and tight it firmly.

By following the above mentioned steps you will be able to install a garage door comparatively easily. To get detailed knowledge about the parts, you can easily follow the instructions booklet.