Springs are one of the most important parts of any garage door. No garage door can do without one. These parts perform the function of providing tension and power that enables the door to move on its tracks. Hence, your garage would not move in case you have a faulty spring.

Keeping this in mind it is imperative that you take effective steps in order to maintain your garage door springs. Get in touch with a professional if needed. These professionals can be easily located whether you live in Seattle or in any part of the US. These experts specialize in offering 24 hour garage door repair services. Hence, you don’t need to stress out in order to locate one in case your garage door spring breaks down at odd hours.

Springs are basically of two kinds: Torsion springs and Extension Springs. This write-up will give you detailed information regarding both the types. Hence, you can decide for yourself the one which would be better equipped to meet your needs.

Torsion Springs

Store mechanical energy in order to function effectively. When twisted the spring exerts force in the opposite direction that enables the door to move. These are the most popular types of garage door springs used. So what is it that makes these type of springs a first choice for most American families?

Mentioned below are some of the effective features that torsion springs are equipped with:

  • Torsion springs take much less room to operate.
  • Traditional springs can cause a lot of noise and that can be a cause of constant hassles. Torsion springs, however, do not create unnecessary noise while being operated.
  • Using torsion springs is the best decision in case you have double wide doors. These springs lift from the center and prevent the door from wobbling as and when it gets lifted. This in turn enhances the overall safety proposition of the garage door. You can use a couple of springs as and when the need arises.


However like everything else there are some cons of using these springs. Some of the shortcomings of these springs are:

  • Torsion springs are much expensive as compared to the Extension ones.
  • Repairing a torsion spring requires specialized know how on the part of the user. Hence, it would be almost impossible for you to repair the spring all by yourself.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are installed on both the tracks and pull the door sideways. However, these type of springs are not popular today. It is advisable that you refrain from opting this type in case you have wider doors. These springs also occupy more space.

This being said there are some advantages associated with using extension springs. Some of these plus points are:

  • Are much cheaper as compared to torsion springs.
  • Are easier to install. Hence you can effectively install this spring all by yourself in case you decide to opt for the same.