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Seattle Garage Door Experts repair all kinds of problems related to garage door openers

If you are having trouble opening and closing your garage doors, then chances are that the garage door opener is not functioning properly. Some common garage door opener repair jobs include realignment of the photo eyes, replacing

the motor, circuit boards, trolleys, limit switches, belt drives and more. Seattle Garage Door Experts provide solutions to all kinds of garage door opener problems. You may face a variety of problems such as-

  • Not responding to wall buttons or remotes.
  • In running condition but not opening the door.
  • Raising the door but not closing it.
  • The Door is neither opening nor closing completely.
  • Too hard to open or close the garage door.
  • Operating without commands.
  • Reversing the door while closing.

Our garage door Experts help in solving all of these problems and many more. These professionals are well versed in tackling regular as well as complex garage door issues like fixing bent garage door tracks as well as broken garage door tracks, replacing and installing remotes, maintaining garage door springs and overall garage door repair services. Expertise Our expertise is inn fixing all kinds of trouble for garage door or garage door openers.

Why Seattle Garage Door Experts?

  • Round the clock assistance
  • Same-day service
  • Efficient repairs and installations
  • Pocket friendly

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