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Time for Residential Garage Door Maintenance We Are There

Ideally, the effort and time taken to open and close the door must be the same (in case of an automatic opener, put into manual mode). If not, your garage door needs maintenance. Regular residential garage door maintenance ensures the proper functioning of garage doors systems and it is recommended every three to six months. It is Maintenance is recommended especially in extreme weather conditions. Regular maintenance by professionals can prevent broken doors and other problems.

When do you need maintenance?

  • If it's been More than 2 years since you've have had your last maintenance.
  • Extra effort for in opening and closing your garage door.
  • Lack of balance of the garage door. Check annually.
  • Noisy doors

Why Us?

  • Thorough examination of each component like garage door springs, rollers, pulleys, cables and mounting systems for damage.
  • Lubrication of door hinges, rollers, springs and tracks.
  • Lack of balance will cause damage. and appropriate repairs will ensure prolonged life of your garage doors.
  • Checking of tracking and mounting and tightening, or replacement of loose fasteners properly.

We offer all kinds of garage door repair services in Seattle WA so you can call us any time to hire us.

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